Dirty Talk Cleaning Tips

Tip #1

Coffee Stain on your shirt? Mix a drop of vinegar in a little less than a cup of water. Blot. Sponge with clean water. Repeat as needed.

Tip #2

Coffee or Tea Stain in Your Favorite Mug? Simply moisten your mug with a little lemon juice and rub with salt. Viola - the stains will be removed!

Tip #3

Spilled lunch on the Conference Room Floor? Pour a generous amount of club soda on paper towels and blot until the food stains disappear.

Tip #4

Lost your keys at the office? Bring a decorative bowl from home to hold keys, paperclips, and miscellaneous items that clutter your desk.

Tip #5

Rust Stains? For a non-toxic way to remove rust, sprinkle some Tang™ or Lemon Kool-Aid™ on the spot, moisten with a little water, let stand for 1 hour - then scrub clean.

Tip #6

Salad Dressing Spill on Your Favorite Shirt? Blot. Rub in talcum powder or baking soda. Let sit for 15 minutes and brush off the powder.

Tip #7

Is Your Keyboard a Mess? Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it. Then spray between the keys with compressed air or vacuum the keyboard.

Tip #8

Got Junk in Your Trunk? Organize all of your items into recycled bags. Leave a few fabric softener sheets in the trunk to eliminate bad odor.

Tip #9

Achoo! Need Allergy Relief? Close your windows and let the air conditioner keep out the particles that make you sneeze.

Tip #10

Golf Club Heads Need Some Shine? Put a little mild dishwashing detergent in a plastic bucket half filled with water. Soak the club heads for 2-4 minutes and scrub clean using an old toothbrush. Make sure you carefully towel dry each club.