Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The management and employees of Summit Maintenance, Inc. are committed to top quality performance and services for our customers. We are committed to a style of operation and the employment of quality strategies, which will ensure that Summit Maintenance will be recognizable as providing "Quality Janitorial Services for All Your Cleaning Needs." Summit Maintenance will be a company that exceeds expectations.

All Summit Maintenance employees are reliable and accountable as individuals. Integrity is a prized and essential ingredient that forms our company’s foundation. We will always strive to provide excellence for our customers.

Internal quality assurance and process control ensures compliance with company policies and guidelines mean that all team members are committed to achieving the highest standard of service for our customers.

As part of our goals, Summit Maintenance is pledged to:

  • Complying with and maintaining all Summit Maintenance’s quality standards
  • Reaching sales and profit goals commensurate with the continuing improvement of our service quality
  • Identifying and correcting the root causes of any quality or policy system non-conformance
  • Committing to solve our clients’ issues quickly, objectively, and with complete integrity. Summit Maintenance insists on verification of client satisfaction through our periodic Quality Control Inspections
  • Ensuring quality training so that there is recognition by all parties that our work must meet the requirements of our credo and thus the quality policy and statement

All members of the Summit Maintenance team are committed, in writing, to meeting or exceeding the written quality guidelines established by the Company.​

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Our Teams Make the Difference

At Summit Maintenance, we see to it that our teams are fully trained in the handling of cleaning solutions and their use and disposal:

  • Reduce the chance of property damage due to improper use of chemicals
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce the chance of injury by keeping a safer work environment

Founded by Jeff Garcia in 1985, Summit Maintenance has earned a reputation of a trusted team in the building maintenance and janitorial services industries.

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